5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I can't control my feelings it's coming too emotionally and tears also coming

Answer: Do meditation and calm down your self
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Question: My hip pains are horrible couldn't control.... I can't sleep itself.... And while going urine I have some smell white also coming... Please help...
Answer: Hi pain can occur terribly in pubic symphysis disease and if your sacroiliac joint has started painting You will be unable to sleep walk or even stand more than 10/15 minutes because of the pain. The only management is continued physiotherapy even after delivery to help the joint to return to normal position. You might need to wear a pelvic support belt and take painkillers for relief. Stabilisation exercises and reducing stress is very important. If there is also an itching one burning in urine Then you just need to consult your gynae as she will examine your vagina to identify the sign an of an Uti And prescribe antibiotics for the treatment. It is important to treat as while diovey your canal should be free from infections to help tour baby smoothly out via a vaginal birth. Do not worry Ask for citralka given 10 ml in 100 ml water.
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Question: Too much negative thoughts are coming try to control even can't will it be affect baby? Baby also will be having negative thoughts in future plz tell me
Answer: In this time U want to read only spiritual books and positive thinking books who helps u to think positive every seconds
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Question: I'm having too much vomiting please anyone help me even after taking tablet it's not coming to an control
Answer: Try some sugar when you feel like vomiting and keep it below your tounge and let it disolve . It worked for me.
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