4 months old baby

Question: I can see my baby veins mostly red veins is tht normal he is 4months and fair complexion

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Question: My baby was born fair complexion and now he is looking darker why?
Answer: Hello dear. The surprising fact about newborn skin: No matter what your ethnicity, your baby's complexion will be reddish purple for the first few days. Some babies can take up to six months to develop their permanent skin tone. Take care.
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Question: Complexion of my baby is dark but mine and my husband's complexion is fair
Answer: I don't worry baby comes in their actual skin tone in by their first birthday . skin colour depends on trees so there are a lot of chances that your baby skin tone will change and baby will also become fair so don't worry
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Question: Hi my baby is 9days old bt her complexion is dark how I fair her complexion
Answer: You need to accept her complexion and her as she it. Such things don't change. Love her not her colour
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