29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I can not sleep whole night. Which ever side i am turning to sleep i get a pain in my upper chest and feeling uncomfortable. Please suggest me something by which i can sleep properl. Its 28 weeks now.

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Answer: It is gas that is troubling you. Eat at least 3 hours before you go to sleep. Avoid heavy food for dinner. Try to walk after an hour of dinner. Include more veggies and fruits in your diet to help digestion more. U can drink lemon juice with a pinch of rock salt instead of normal salt that will help release gas.
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    Priyanka Mishra93 days ago

    May be you are right. When i asked this to my doctor she also said that its gas. And suggesed me to take small meal instead of heavy meals . Thank you very much. I was afraid of something else.

Answer: Oh try to place a pillow near abdomen, sleep any side whenever you feel comfortable. Pillow will support your abdomen and help for comfortable sleeping.
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    Priyanka Mishra94 days ago

    Thanks for the suggestion

Answer: Hiii try sleeping on your left side also place soft pillows between your two legs... sleeping on your left side will help u a lot.
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Question: Its my 19 th week running and I m not able to sleep for whole night...feeling very uncomfortable with any side or ever straight...it effect my day life and my diet also..what to do?
Answer: It's completely normal to feel tired, especially in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. That's when huge changes take place in virtually every system in your body, making you feel extremely tired.Throughout pregnancy your body works hard. But the biggest effort comes in the 1st trimester. That's when your baby's major organs are formed, and the placenta, your baby's life-support system, starts growing.Your hormone levels and metabolism are rapidly changing, while your blood sugar and BP levels tend to drop.Tiredness and low energy levels can sometimes mean that you're too low in iron , which is fairly common in pregnancy.Being tired and run-down can also make you feel a bit low. Occasionally, being exhausted and having trouble sleeping can be sometimes mean depression. It's different for every mum-to-be, but you're most likely to feel very tired in your first trimester and your 3rd trimester. In your first trimester, fatigue is often one of the symptoms of pregnancy sickness, along with nausea, loss of appetite and sometimes vomiting. If feeling and being sick are disturbing your sleep then you'll feel even more tired and irritable. Try to get as much rest as you can, because fatigue can make nausea and vomiting much worse. It will help if you listen to your body signals to rest, eat a healthy diet, some exercise and try to get into a schedule. Keep ORS always handy. This symptom should eventually start settling in the 2nd trimester.
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Question: Am not getting a sleep at whole night . Am now 28 week pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear Most women experience sleep problems during pregnancy.It is mainly because pregnancy can make you feel exhausted all day long. It can also cause insomnia at night. Insomnia symptoms include difficulty going to sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, and waking up too early without being able to go back to sleep. Pregnancy sleep tips: 1. Maintain a regular sleep/wake cycle. 2. Exercise regularly 3. Don't take fluids at night 4. Avoid Spicy Foods and heavy meals before bedtime 5. Sleep on your left side 6. Use pillows 7. When having trouble sleeping get out of bed. 8. Take short naps during the day
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Question: Hi i cant sleep whole night life side...can sleep some time right side ..its any problem
Answer: Hi. Ye its ok to swtich sides dear. when you sleep straight your baby gets least space to move which is not good. And baby weight is also on your spine which can be harm full. So its better to sleep in your sides, it may be left or right any. If you sleep in your left its the best position to sleep as your baby gets max oxygen, blood and nutrinal supplies. You can sleep in your right also its also considered good. But never on your tummy.
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