14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii i can not drink milk as i use to vomit even if i smell it dr gave me protein biscuit as substitute but that's test also gives me vomiting... what to do.?

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Answer: Dear it's completely normal to have nausea vomit because of milk.. so try not to drink milk as simple rather add some fruits and make a smoothie of it or you can eat curd, kheer, buttermilk that will give you good taste and will be more healthy also..
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Question: Egg is a good supplement of protein.. but im unable to take either egg or meat. It gives me extreme nausea? What can i do as a substitute?
Answer: When you are pregnant you should eat at least 1800 calories each day which means double the amount of food You are developing baby inside so your iron necessity will also be more Get plenty of rest put your legs and foot up as frequently as possible to avoid or reduce any swelling Take more fruits fruit juices boiled vegetables and nutritious diet Avoid spicy food and oily food Food heavy and hard to digest should also be avoided Eat in regular intervals small portions Boil cumin in water and add ghee sugar to it Keep on drinking it Tightness is main issue mainly due to gas formation and acidity By eating small portions at regular intervals you can avoid indigestion and reduce gas formation Cumin water helps you to lose the tightness
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Question: Im feeling vomiting even if i drink a sip of water i do vomit
Answer: Hi Nausea is common in pregnancy...take kismis and chew to stay away from nausea also take jeera water it helps to relieve from nausea....if its more like anything just do consult your doctor and take tablet for vomitting
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Question: I can't drink milk and not able to eat daal also..both are good for calcium and protein..what can i do to get these nutrients?it feels like vomiting if i eat or drink milk or daal
Answer: That's totally fine if you can't able to drink milk you can take curd in your food, eat panjee cheese home made. You can use dry fruits nuts in smoothies or juices, spinach broccoli Green leaf. Fish, chicken eggs which helps dear.
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