Planning for pregnancy

I can eat folic acid medicine before missed period.

Yes when you plan pregnancy gynaecologist usually start folic acid 3 months beforehand.
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Question: can i take folic acid during period
Answer: Hi! Folic acid helps prevent serious birth defects of the baby's spinal cord and brain. You need Folic acid throughout your pregnancy in order to have a heathy child. Good luck!
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Question: Can i take folic acid during period
Answer: Hii dear surely u can have if u have no side affect of dis as some ladies face constipation nausea due to this. But if u from with it then surely take.
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Question: Can i take healtgvit folic acid pills 400mcg before pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear it is advisable to have iron and calcium tablet at ur planning period also but make sure to consult doctor to know the qty req.
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