8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I ate mutton liver moderately will it affect the baby and cause miscarriage I am so afraid

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Answer: No. It won't affect the baby
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Question: Stomach feels sprain means what to do will it cause miscarriage I am so afraid
Answer: Calm down. It doesn't necessarily mean that. Change positions or walk a little. It cud be cause of gases or something you ate. You can go tomorrow to the doctor and get a scan done just to be sure.
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Question: Eating animal liver will cause miscarriage ha?
Answer: hi mutton liver can be eaten but it is better to eat chicken and low Mercury fish and eggs as they are high in proteins as compared to liver and mutton
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Question: Today i ate drumsticks..i am so scared..will it cause any problem to my baby
Answer: Hello dear You can safely include drumstick in your pregnancy diet. In fact, it can prove to be quite healthy for your pregnancy. However, as with all other veggies, you need to wash the drumsticks thoroughly before you consume them. The unwashed vegetable may contain harmful parasites, bacteria, and traces of pesticides that could complicate your pregnancy. So, remember to eat drumsticks in moderation while you are expecting
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Question: im in my 1st trimester... yesterday i ate plain roasted mutton liver... can that cause any harm to the baby in womb?
Answer: Hi,you can have meat during pregnancy there is no harm but it us advisable to have it cooked in order to avoid indigestion.
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