19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I asked my doctor about TT injection. He suggested to take the injection at 28th week?? What about 5th month injection. Is it mandatory to take two injections. Should i consult any other doctor. Im worried..

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Answer: I didnot take any one of it.
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Question: In what intervals two tt injection should be administred to pregnant women.My first injection was at first week of third month and for next injection my doctor is suggesting to have it in last week of fourth month.Is it ok to have two injections in two months or there is any stipulated time interval to have between two injections.please advise.Thanks in advance.
Answer: Hi Dr... Ur doctor was right... Usually doctors used to tell that one month gape between 2 tt's r good...
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Question: When should I take TT injection? I am 11 weeks pregnant now. Doctor has not specified anything about the injection yet?
Answer: If it is your first pregnancy, your healthcare provider will recommend two doses of tetanus vaccine during pregnancy. The first dose will be given in the third trimester that can be around the seventh month in pregnancy.The second dose will be given after four weeks of the first dose.The WHO recommends a third dose as well that is given after six months of the second dose. This is to offer protection against the tetanus for at least five years.
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Question: hello.. I'm 31weeks pregnant. Now they have started 15days check-up. I have a dought that I have gone through 2 scanning that is at 3rd month and second scanning on 5th month.And 2 TT injections that's it. I asked doctor about another scan and injection she said there's no other scanning and injections. is that true??
Answer: You will have a fetal doppler. Some doctors, depending on your geographical location and due date would prescribe Dtp and flu vaccine. Some also prescribe a third booster of TT. But it varies. Otherwise, there are just two scans and two vaccines, which are mandatory and have to be done.
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