33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I 33week pregent an my baby hertbet is 146 can we know I concieve boy or girl

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Answer: Hello! Heart beat cannot determine it is a boy or a girl. It is different in every case and hence doesn't have any links with reality.
Answer: No dear wait for few more days and have patience
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Question: I am 12week pregent..who can i know its baby boy or girl..
Answer: In India, you can't.. In 1994 Govt. of India enacted prenatal diagnostic technique act. The act banned prenatal sex determination in order to prevent female feticides. And also the act regulates the use of prenatal diagnostic techniques like ultrasound amniocentesis by allowing them their use only to detect : 1 genetic abnormalities 2 chromosomal abnormalities 3 sex linked disorders etc No person, including the one who conducting the procedure as per law,will communicate the sex of the foetus  to the pregnant woman or her relatives by words, signs or any other method.
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Question: How can we know the baby is boy or girl
Answer: Hiii there Well this is a very confusing question as gender declaration through sonogram is totally prohibited in India. But as mom to be every new mom has a curiosity to know if the little one is a boy or a girl There are so many old wives tale which helps us to find the little ones gender. BUT THESE ARE NOT 100%CORRECT. First of all both a girl or a boy are equal to their parents. As per old wives tales *if the woman like to eat bitter thing salty foods while pregnant, you can count on having a boy. If she likes sweets you are having a little girl. *If your belly is low and all out in front, then you are having a boy. If your baby bump is higher and you got wider then you are having a girl. *if the skin becomes dull and dark than you're carrying a cute girl logic behind this that baby girl steal the beauty of her mom. But if your complexion is same or become brighter than its a baby boy. *if it's a boy you'll feel the kicks very early. But if it's a girl she'll kick may be latter. *if the pregnant woman sleeps by left side she's having a boy. If she sleep on her right she's going to have a girl. *if nausea and vomiting always trigger you than chances to have a boy vice versa. Remember one things these all are guesses not final conclusion. Everyone is different. So it is just to satisfy our curiosity nothing else. Be happy and pray for a healthy and cute baby gender doesn't matter. Eat healthy stay happy 😊
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Question: how can we know girl or boy
Answer: There is no sure signs other than scanning..but in india doctors wont disclose babys gender...but there are many old wives tales..like if you have alot f morning sickness in first trimester more chances for girl baby..basketball shaped belly then boy...baking soda test nd so on...but they r not accurate
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