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Question: I am 35 years old woman suffering from pcos.I am getting married in November 2019.Is it safe for me to get pregnant at this age.

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Answer: Hello dear. I have seen in my family my cousin delivering at the age of 38 so I would say it is possible but yes the risk is there hence you need to conceive under the guidance of your gynae. Also ur marriage is in november so focus on your health and make sure that ur pcos is in control. First things first, please come to terms with the fact that PCOS cannot be cured. Having said that, it is not the end of the world. You can can lead a perfectly normal life. PCOS is a hormonal disorder and hormones are mostly affected by stress and poor diet. Indulge in activities that interest you - reading, writing, drawing, play a sport. The reason I’m hammering on focusing on activities that interest you is because most women who suffer from PCOS (myself included) spend endless hours stressing about the syndrome. Stressing about it is not going to make it go away. So quit doing it. A friend of mine tried all 3 forms of medicine, I personally suggested her Herbalism. Ayurveda isnt widely available, Allopathy has long term repercussions (Metaformin leads to liver disease. Atleast it says so on the paper that accompanies the med - yep the one that most of us don’t read). Homeopathy is just too slow - she tried it for 1.5 year and missed a couple of periods during the course. I told her to follow Herbs as our bodies are better suited for it. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves if we provide them with the right nutrition. And what better way than to resort to nature to heal us. Couple of things I’d suggested her which i studied online:- Give herbs and vitamins a go. Vitex, Raspberry leaf, Vitamin D are proven to help with PCOS.  Reduce your carb intake. Don’t eliminate it as it will affect your energy levels. If you cant do without carbs you can switch to healthier options like brown rice, sweet potatoes. Occasionally, you can indulge in white rice and bread. (Nobody aint perfect ;)) Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar is addictive - some studies show its composition closely resembles cocaine and hence we get so addicted to it. You fix ur cravings with dark chocolate. Also, check if you’re vitamin deficient in B complex or Glutamine. Exercise for 30 minutes daily - walk, skip, jump, dance, take your dog for a walk. Do something that makes you happy. Hope it helps.
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Answer: Hello dear. Pcod is very common and affecting most women these days. However, you can get pregnant with PCOS. There are a number of effective fertility treatments available. You can check with your doctor. Take care.
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