2 months old baby

Question: I am worried about that! After finish toilet blood is came ? Why it will came ? I will reduce feeding milk?

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Question: Hi friends .I'm using nipple shied for feeding. I am much worried whether it will reduce my milk production .
Answer: Hi. No it wont reduce your milk production. But try to latch your baby directly. Also proper diet will help you in maintaining your milk production. add fruits, dry fruits green veggies, Masoor dal ,oats , daliya, sagoo in youe diet. Having methi, jeera water ia also very helpful.
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Question: After feeding lactogen 1 my baby tongue is coated with milk ...I am worried about it please suggest
Answer: Don't worry it is normal. You take a clean soft hanky , dip it in clean water, wrap around your ginger and clean it very gently. You can also use silicone finger brush.
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Question: I am expressing milk and feeding baby..is it ok? Will it reduce milk secretion?
Answer: Don't worry dear...You have to use a high-quality electric breast pump or a hospital-grade breast pump. These types of pumps will act as same as ur baby is sucking ur breast and removing the maximum amount of milk from your breasts as possible. The more breast milk you remove from your breasts, the more you will make.
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