11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am worried about my baby growth and development as i have spotting at 7 week. Every time I use to check my panty line for this. Too much worried my baby is fine or not . Every week i am taking hcg 5000 vaccines and pregestron tablets. How could I come out of this fear. I don't have any morning sickness nausea n all but sometimes i feel dizziness.

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Answer: Hello dear, don't panic, I can understand your situation, every women spot during the first trimester and it does not mean it is going to miscarriage. You just try to engage yourself.....Instead of just lying there getting yourself in a state, it is much more satisfying and relaxing to get up and do something....Read a book, listen to music, knit, sew, surf the Internet, write letters, watch TV, have a bath, do some light housework or give yourself a manicure. After doing something pleasant, it is much easier to fall asleep.....Many people benefit from relaxation exercises or from listening to music...
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Question: hi.. m 7 weeks pregnant and I have pain in my back and stomach. i don't have morning sickness, nausea, dizziness, spotting. is it normal..?
Answer: Yes dear its normal...Pregnancy symptoms are unique and unpredictable. Two women can each have healthy pregnancies without any of the same symptoms. Likewise, you may have had back pain in your first pregnancy, but no morning sickness this time around. The swiftly rising levels of the hormones human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and progesterone are responsible for many of the pregnancy symptoms you experience.
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Question: I don't have morning sickness. But evening sickness. I am vomiting every night. Really can't control this nausea
Answer: Hi.. Dear Some pregnant women experience excessive nausea and vomiting. Eat cheese, lean meat, or other high-protein snack before bedtime. Sip fluids, such as clear fruit juices, water, or ice chips, throughout day.. It will give you some comfort.. However, the muscles of the stomach are not associated with the safety of the baby, therefore, do not worry your baby is safe..if it is unbearable you can ask your gynaecologist to recommend a mild medicine..
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Question: I am 5 week 6 days pregnant andI have no vomiting and nausea. Is everything fine with my baby. I am so worried about this
Answer: Hi! Every pregnancy is different and so are the symptoms, its not necessary to face the same challenges during pregnancy, count your blessing that you are not feeling nauseated or vomiting. Its good there is nothing to be worried about. Enjoy your days and good luck!
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