11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am working pregnant women..daily i need to travel in public bus for 30kms morning and evening....is there be any problem for my baby. .

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Answer: Safe unless u don't have any pregnancy complications, bt take ur seat and sit don't stand in a moving bus
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Question: Am a 5 week pregnant..and. Working women.. to go office i need to travel by bus atleast for 1hr in morning and same in evening .. is it safe ??.. please answer me
Answer: Being a working woman you will feel fatigue more often your body will be more exhausted. You should take plenty of time having rest, sleep at least 7-8 hours minimum in a day . try to do some meditation and stress relieving exercises such as brahmari Pranayam and Shavasana which will help to relieve your stress and also relax your body . the basic problem during first trimester is nausea you will feel more of morning sickness up till 8 week sometimes it subsides early as early as a 5th week but it can go up to a 12th week if not properly taken care of. so never delay your breakfast always have some good starchy and quick energizers at breakfast, you can have nuts, you can have crackers, you can have pita bread or bread jam to give you that instant energy as well as relieve your morning sickness. one more thing that happens with working women is holding of urine. while working do not hold your urine. because urinating frequency increases during first trimester so holding a urine will increase the muscle tension in uterus and will be harmful for your baby. so never hold your urine. You must take your supplements as prescribed by your gynaecologist properly and on time do not skip Folic acid at all it is a must during first trimester. Iron and Calcium you can alternate you can take iron during meal times during day or you can take calcium at night or at early morning. Talk to your gynaecologist if you feel pain in your Limbs or see swelling in your Limbs and your face. Also keep a regular check of your blood pressure and sugar levels. Eat healthy and balanced diet, drink at least 2 litres of water, avoid wearing high heels and lifting heavy objects avoid taking stress. keep in mind that there is no jerk.or else it might cause problem. you really have to be extra careful while travelling dear.
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Question: i travel by bus daily to my school....it is about 7 km and i am 2 weeks pregnant. ...will there be any problem by travelling daily???
Answer: No dear unless ur doc has advised u to take rest.....jus stay safe n avoid jerky rides
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Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant working woman.. i need to travel by bus daily.. is it okay..
Answer: Dear it really depends on your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is not having any complication then there is no harm also if your gynae hasn't asked you to avoid bus travel. Make sure to be seated all the time when in the bus. Get up only when the bus stops. Hope it helps.
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