Few weeks old baby

Question: i am working mom who has to wakeup around 5 am.. and my baby wakes 3 4 times.. what should i feed her at nights so that she remains full whole night.. she doesn't take roti and milk.

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Answer: U can give her kitchdi..upma..dosa..idli...lik dat..nd bfre slpng give milk..i used to do lik dat
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Question: My baby is 9 months old now. I give her milk raab around 8:30 and she goes to sleep around 9:30. She often wakes up at night. I breastfeed her during night. After 2 am, she wakes up like every hour and 1.5 hour. Is there any tips that she doesn't wake up that much and can sleep through the night?
Answer: Dear baby wakes up because if hunger. See breastmilk is light and easy to digest for baby and that is why your baby is waking up frequently. So try to give formula milk at night when he is awake at 2 because formula milk is heavy and baby get full tummy with it. Once baby is full tummy he will not awake frequently..
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