28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am with gestational diabetes fasting blood sugar is 92 and post break fast sugar is 128..insulin should be taken now or else any remedy? Actually my sugar levels before 2 weeks is 100 during fasting and after breakfast is 135...now I am following diet plan from 2 weeks and my levels or reduced to 92 and 128

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Answer: Dear if you are just following diet and your fasting is under 100 and after meal under 140 then you don't need any medication because you are able to control it by diet in last trimester it is really difficult to control by diet then doctors mostly prescribe medication
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant now. how to control gestational diabetes in this time. what is the normal fasting blood sugar levels in pregnancy.
Answer: Normal Value Range Fasting Values: 95 mg/dL or 5.3 mmol/L 1 Hour Values: 180 mg/dL or 10 mmol/L 2 Hour Values: 155 mg/dL or 8.6 mmol/L 3 Hour Values: 140 mg/dL or 7.8 mmol/L
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Question: Jst had my blood report my fasting blood sugar is 142 and post break fast is 156
Answer: It's high in number, you have gestational diabitis, consult your doctor for this. Generally gestational diabitis goes after your delivery but till that you have to take control of your sugar level. So eat healthy diabitic friendly diet at every 2-3hour and do walk at 10 - 15minutus after every meal and do some light exersice.
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Question: I had gestational diabetes and now am controlling my food.My blood sugar after 2 hrs of breakfast is 109 now.can I eat banana chips,? Weather it increases sugar?
Answer: Of course banana chips will have sugar in it. Anyhow, banana chips are not a healthy snack. So try and avoid it. Instead you can have pop corn, poha or sone other healthy snacks.
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