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Question: I am 40 weeks today and as per doc I am dilated 1cm and effaced at 60% and the baby is at station -1 the doc did the membrane striping I am having pubic bone pain however doc says that is not an active labour. plz advise what should I do to have a normal delivery and cervix dilated

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Answer: Dont worry for cervix dilation. Cervical dilation occurs during active labor, making room for the baby to travel through the birth canal. The cervix dilates naturally when the body is ready to give birth, but when it's necessary to move things along more quickly, dilation may be stimulated using medications or mechanical techniques. No need to do anything for normal delivery. If you have not any complication then normal delivery is possible.
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Question: Hi, my cervix is dilated 3cm, plus I am having pieces of mucus plug discharge. When can I expect labour?
Answer: dear this is a very good sign that your cervix is dilating but it depends on how your body progresses but you can expect labour soon in few days time take some pineapple papaya castor oil to fasten process
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Question: I have pain in pubic bone.. is it normal? Did it means I am close to labour
Answer: Dear pain in the pelvic bone can mean that baby has moved down into the pelvic bone.. but this is not labour you have to wait for contractions to happen
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Question: Am dilated 1cm and doctor also stripped my membrane how to intensify the labour pain
Answer: Walking is the safest way my dear so walk as much as you can
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