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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant women. My cervical length was 1.7. After that doctor told me to put cervical stitch. Now it's been 5 days I am done with cervical stitch. Doctor told me to take bed rest until delivery. Can anybody Pls tell me whether the length of the cervix will come up? And how much time it will take to come up?

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Answer: hi dear! so cervical stitch is done not so that the length can come up its done to prevent your cervix to open in pregnancy which will result in premature birth of the babye dear. also cervical stitch will be removed in the late pregnancy by around 37 weeks of pregnancy. so this stitch will help the cervix to remain close through out the pregnancy and once the stitch is removed within few days you might go into labour and deliver. so dont worry dear just do not lift heavy weighted stuff and bed rest is fine and if you wish to do your daily work and do not want to bed rest then also its fine no harm will occur to the stitch. take care dear.
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    Nikhitha Manikandan702 days ago

    Thank you so much.. Ma'am..

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Answer: My cervix length was 2.69 after a full week rest i again went for ultrasound it was 3.2. my dctr gave me proluten injection too.
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Question: I m n 25th week now.my cervix is 2.2cm doctor told me to do stitch..did bed rest is enough or i need to do stitch???
Answer: Hi dear if doctor is suggesting u for the stitches then plz go for it. Don't avoid as it can led to problem for ur pregnancy. U need to take rest after stitches to keep ur pregnancy healthy .
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Question: Hi I had cervical stitch at 14 week of pregnency only but now in scanning the report is "cervical length is 2.0cm mild funneling till the cervical stitch " what to do my doctor is telling take bed rest plz anybody suggest me is any treatment is thr for dis prblm can it is possible to save my baby
Answer: Follow strict bed rest as per Dr advice.. and report in case f any abnormality immed at hospital
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