21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii..i am 20 weeks 4days pregnant.today i done my 2nd Trimester ultrasound.doct told me solitary EIF seen in left ventricle of fetal heart.i am worriedabout it.is it normal or dangerous ?pls ans me

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Answer: Hi. Its normal dear dont worry. Hi. Dear. Intracardiac echogenic is mostly nothing to be worried because its spot of small amount of calcium deposit. Which doesnt harm baby. But in some cases mother could have some some other risk factors which could lead to chromosomal changes such as down syndrome. Good luck.
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    Sneha :)119 days ago

    Thank you so much...

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Question: I am 20 weeks doctor told that their is solitary echogenic focus seen in left ventricle of babys heart is this a serious matter
Answer: An echogenic focus in a a fetus's heart is very common Usually it goes away on its own and has no other meaning. Its due a small deposit of calcium in the babies heart that is usually reabsorbed by the third trimester. Since you are saying its the solitary finding then its nothing to be worried about However if it would have associated with other markers then it had to be taken seriously but not in your case. All you need to do in this case is to repeat the scan after 2 weeks to see the changes in the size of the echogenic focus. Take care Take
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Question: Today i done with u/s..doctor told baby have echogenic foci in left ventricle of fetal heart..is this serious issue. I am worried..please help me
Answer: Hi dear! This echogeic focus is due to small calcium deposits in the heart and dont worry it s very normal finding in the fetal heart. It does not cause any problem and it does not mean your baby has a cardiac problem , your baby I just fine . We will have to follow it up on the scans and see if the baby after the delivery is doing fine dear. So don't worry. Take care dear.
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Question: Single loop of umbilical cord seen around fetal neek .34 weeks 6 days it is normal .pls ans me
Answer: Hi dear don't worry this is common during pregnancy sometimes you might become around baby's neck and this might become normal before delivery some time is it time due to the baby's movement will be very low so please keep a note on baby's movement and also one sleeping sleep on your left side and don't do sharp turns we want to change the direction please and then change do more walking and physical activity which helps to remove the loop
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