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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant, Still not showing baby bomb. Is this normal or when i will show

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Answer: Hello dear There can be various reasons why ur stomach looks small: 1.Your Height: If you’re tall and have a long abdomen, your baby has a lot of growing space. Your uterus will tend to grow upwards rather than push outwards and the result is small belly 2. A woman having her first baby tends to have a more compact bump because the large abdominal muscles haven’t been stretched before. They are usually toned and tight, holding the baby snug and high. This can make you look smaller 3. Baby position 4. The amount of amniotic fluid 5. Baby's size
Answer: Baby bomb shows after20 - 25 weeks of pregnancy.ur r not seeing ur baby bomb still it's normal.
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Question: Hi I am 17 week pregnant..still my belly is not showing..this my first pregnancy and I am too lean..when belly will show plz tell
Answer: It is ok for belly to not show well ..every woman's body is different and for some it takes time for belly to show...some will even start showing after 25th week so be patient...
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant from Lmp when will my belly will start to show?
Answer: Hi.. Usually those who become pregnant for the first time those tummy will start seeing from 12-16 weeks. But the mothers who are pregnant for the second time their tummy will start seeing soon because their uterine and abdominal muscles are already stretch.U don't need to worry if ur tummy is not seen because every ladies are different and their body shape and size are also different
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Question: When I will have my baby bump. Still not showing.
Answer: Hello dear. First-time moms usually begin developing a baby bump between 12 and 16 weeks. Moms who've already been pregnant start showing sooner, since their uterine and abdominal muscles have already been stretched from an earlier pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant but my belly size is not increasing. When it will increase?
Answer: Babies usually gain more weight in 3rd trimester so no need to worry. It will be increasing from 6th month onwards
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