39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant now my baby is over wight how can reduce baby weight before delevary

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Answer: Hello! Baby's weight cannot be reduced as such. Also the baby will at this age put up weight quite fast . Hence reduction of baby's weight is not possible. Take care
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Question: I have 22 weeks, now i think over weight so can i reduce my weight
Answer: Hello, you cannot reduce your weight but you can keep a control on your diet avoid too much oily greasy gher butter and over fatty foods. have small meals throughout the day . Focus on small, frequent meals that are high in lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables choose meals and snacks that include protein, fiber, and some healthy fat like apple with two tablespoons of peanut butter, an English muffin with a scrambled egg and spinach, protein-enriched pasta and tomato sauce, or Greek yogurt with a palmful of nuts or granola sprinkled on top.  Fruit with lots of fiber and high water content like oranges, apples, berries, pears, and plums can also help you feel full and keep constipation at bay. Drink plenty of water and fluids. Do prenatal exercises , yoga, and brisk walk which will help in controlling weight. hope this helps.
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Question: Am over weight, how can i reduce my weight😥during pregnancy
Answer: U can go fr a walk fr 1 hr. Other than that u cant do any diet r something dnt worry u ll reduce aft delivery
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Question: Hi i am 37 weeks pregnant... How we can calculate baby weight....is it possible
Answer: Dear, it would be 2.7 kg in 37 weeks. And till delivery it would be more than 3 kg.
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