Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant n my sgpt n sgot is 78 and 77 respectively. So should I go for deliver in this week or I can wait till for natural pains. Help me out.

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Answer: Pls deliver this week
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    Rahul Chadha951 days ago

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Question: My SGOT is 200+ n SGPT is 500+ i am so worried abt it.. how can i decrease my sgot n sgpt..??
Answer: your levels seem high.It could mean pregnancy cholestasis or sever itching in hands and feet.It could be a cause of improper liver function in your baby and also to have jaundice , high bilirubin levels. there could be chance of pre term birth too. Please inform your doctor immediately to start necessary aid and medication like udiliv..You may be advised to induce labour . For a better understanding of the test results and its effect n your baby consult your doctor immediately
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Question: Hi i m 37 week pregnant till how many week should i wait for labour pain
Answer: Hello dear 40 week is considered as full term. So, u should wait till 40 weeks. U can get labour pain between 37 weeks to 40 weeks and if then also U did not get the pain then doctor will induce pain
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Question: Hi I'm 40 week pregnant should I wait for natural pain... Or I can go for induce
Answer: Consult ur gynac ..she will suggest correctly according to ur situation
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