39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 38 weeks pregnant n I like eating sweets is that OK.

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Answer: Totally Okay nothing to worry about eat whatever you love But my experience says if you are having cravings for sweet food and your nose become large or swell its mean you are expecting cute lil Cinderella šŸ’žšŸ’•
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Question: I am 38 weeks pregnant n I love eating sweets is that OK for me and my baby
Answer:Ā Yes dear U can have sweets in pregnancy. Everyone is having cravings of something. Someone like to have sweets while some likes to have spicy food. But always have sweets in moderation and also if u have gestational diabetes then better is to avoid having it.
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Question: Am 22 weeks pregnant n am eating 2 soaked anjeer daily is it OK
Answer:Ā Yes, it is indeed very good to eat anjeer during pregnancy. Mineral, vitamins, fibres and other nutrients present in figs make them a must-to have fruits for the would-be mother.
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Question: Is eating sweets from good outlets like haldirams safe?
Answer:Ā I would recommend u to avoide because it has preservatives in it..
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Question: i am 24 weeks pregnant.. I want know, that eating chicken Biryani is ok in this period..??
Answer:Ā yes you can eat...Take care to ensure that theĀ chickenĀ is fresh and cooked well beforeĀ eatingĀ to avoid diseases caused by the listeria bacteria. ... Do notĀ eatĀ cold pre-cookedchickenĀ as it may contain bacteria. A serving size of 100 grams or 2 slices of cookedĀ chickenĀ meat is recommended a day forĀ pregnantĀ women.
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