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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant... My tsh level is 5.296... which medicine should i take???

Answer: Hello! For thyroid medicine, please immediately consult the doctor. It’s better not to rely on home remedies to control thyroid as it might work or might not. Still following these remedies can be safe, 1.Take two spoons of pure coconut oil and mix it with a glass of milk. Drink it before bed time every night  2. Vitamin A is very useful to treating thyroid in pregnancy. Add vitamin A rich eggs and carrots in regular diet 3. All B complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 B7, B9 and B12) are effective to increase thyroid glands functioning. Eat more whole grains like barley, wheat, cereals, green vegetables, eggs to cure thyroid during pregnancy. 4 Vitamin D Rich Foods 5.include salads in your diet Take care
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    Priyanka Srivastava248 days ago

    Ok... Thank you so much ..

Answer: U must consult dr throxine is the tablet given for thyroid but it hvng powers dr nly know which power is suitable for u
Answer: Any medicine should be taken only under ur doctor guidance only.as suggested by ur physician only
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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant and my TSH thyroid level is 5.36. What should i do?
Answer: Your personal doctor would have prescribed you a low mg thyroid tablet please have it regularly your thyroid level will be maintained
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Question: My TSH level is 3.5, should take medicine or not?
Answer: Normal Range for TSH during pregnancy is as follows. First trimester: less than 2.5 with a range of 0.1-2.5 Second trimester: 0.2-3.0 Third trimester: 0.3-3.0. If the TSH is greater than 2.5 at any time during pregnancy, T4 levels should be checked to determine whether the hypothyroidism is overt or subclinical. And medication should be taken. If it is kept in control through medication there would not be any complication during pregnancy and baby growth isn't affected. Hope this helps.
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant. Recently my TSH level has been arised to 5.51. do i have to take medicine....??
Answer: Hi dear, TSH in pregnancy usually rises especially from.the second trimester.do not worry it resolved on its own post delivery. You seem to be on subclinical side. Borderline hypothyroidism can be treated by taking minimum dose of thyroid supplement. Non pregnant lady with that Val of TSH need no medication at this stage.but thyroid requirement increases in pregnancy and it is highly recommended that you take it for the proper growth of your baby. Consult your doctor for the right dose. And keep monitoring it in your last trimester too.
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