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Question: I am 28 weeks pregnant, my sugar levels are high, 96 in fasting, 185 after 1hr of taking glucose and 124 after 2hrs. How to control it

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Answer: Please visit dietitian and endocrinologist. Don't worry the sugar levels will be in control with their help.
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Question: I am 28 weeks pregnant my sugar levels are high,
Answer: Avoid sugary and starcy food. Don't worry. Take small meals after intervals (2-3 hours). Regular walk . And do regular sugar monitoring.
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Question: M 28 weeks pregnant my sugar levels are fasting 96, 1 hour 197 2 hour 189. Are these high? Do i need medicines
Answer: Try diet control avoid rice item and sweets check ofter some days if not reduced ask as per doctor advised
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Question: My blood sugar level fasting is 100 and after taking glucose (2hrs gap) is 150 at 28 weeks is it normal? Doctor didnt prescribe any medicine.
Answer: Fasting is normal where as pp is little higher side cut down sugar completely from your diet avoid carbs and fat .walking daily helps to maintain sugar levels and then monitor once if still levels are elevated then you need to take medicine.
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