19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii... I am 18 weeks pregnant my stomach is little size growth... is any problem..?

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Answer: No problem.. My stomach is in little size up to 6 month.. But doctor say baby is fine.. During fifth month anamoly scan report baby growth is fine.. You consider only scan report.. Don't worry
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    Alisha Sunil675 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Hello.... I am 19 weeks pregnant but my belly is little size growth.. is any problem.. what can I do..
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .u will start seeing ur baby bump from 5th month. That also its size  depends on so many factors like height of mom, how many babies u r carrying, ur body posture, baby body posture, if this is ur 1st pregnancy then the size will be more, amount of amonotic fluid, baby weight, so size doesnt means u don't have healthy baby but it just varies person to person.
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Question: I am 21 weeks pregnant but belly is little size... is any problem
Answer: Hello dear. All pregnancy bumps are different, if this is your first pregnancy, if your abdominal muscles have never been stretched before by pregnancy, your muscles will tend to be quite toned and tight. Depending on the position your baby is in, your belly may at times look smaller. It is nothing to do with size of the babies, don't worry. Take care.
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Question: Hii am 18 weeks pregnant and my urine colour is very dark yellow any problem
Answer: Hello dear. Dark yellow urine could be due to dehydration. Please increase your water intake to atleast 3-4 ltrs daily. It can also be due to urine infection if you are feeling any kind of burning sensation in ur urine. Please see ur gynae in that case. Hope it helpd.
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