18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant. My mouth taste als remain so bad like after fever but my temp is normal due to this problem i am not able to njoy my food. After every meal i feel like nausea. How can i get rid of this? Mother and old people say that now 4 month over i should not feel this bitter taste in mouth. What to do?

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Answer: Ask your doctor why this is happen to you don't take it easy
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Question: mouth is very bitter whole day I feel nausea what remedy should I do to avoid nausea and vomiting and I am not able to eat
Answer: Sometimes the simplest remedies can prove quite useful to help with excessive vomiting. You may like to try some of these ideas:  Take your breakfast in bed before you actually get up and start your day.Eat several small meals a day if you can and avoid an empty stomach. Include some protein in your diet, such as well cooked eggs, dairy products, lean meats, beans, whole grains, pulses and seeds.Stay away from heavy and greasy foods. Have a teaspoon of ground cumin (jeera) seeds when you feel nauseous, it might help. Read more aboutnatural remedies for nausea.Figure out the smells and sights that aggravate this state and avoid them.Drink lots of water and other fluids between meals instead of during meals. It might help to take small sips regularly rather than large gulps in one go.Homeopathic medicine may work for some, speak to your doctor for more advice.Try having a spoon of ginger (adrak) juice mixed with honey (shahad) every morning. You could also try some ginger or lemon (nimbu) tea. Slices of lemon added to sparkling water or iced tea can also help provide some relief. Check out our healthy andalcohol-free drinks for pregnant women.
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Question: My mouth taste is very bitter. Every edible tastes bitter to me.what should i do?
Answer: Dear this is normal in pregnancy. It happens as there are lot of hormonal imbalances in body. It is called dysgeusia. Do not worry . It gies away as pregnancy progreses Drink more of ice cold water. Around 12 glasses. Squeeze little lemon in it Brushing frequently. Use a mint toothpaste Take more of citrus fruits like oranges kiwi Di gargling with homemade Mouthwash of salt and water
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Question: I am not able to eat or drink anything..even water also i am not ableto drink due to severe nausea and bitter taste in mouth.. weakness is incresed. Feel dizziness while standing..what should i do
Answer: Consult ur doctor da ..now ther is tablets available for vomiting
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