Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant. my haemoglobin level is 10. 2.Is it ok

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Answer: I too had same i drank beetroot juice.result was superb it increased me 3-4 in a week.
Answer: it is ok but it should b increase ...
Answer: 10.2 is low it should be at least 12
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Question: Hello. I am 21 weeks. My haemoglobin is 10. How to increase my hb level?
Answer: For pregnancy required dose is 10 is fine but u can have sika hua chana with some jaggery and if needed doc will do blood test n will prescribe you medication if needed
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Question: I am 24 weeks pregnant, my haemoglobin level now 8.3, it is normal? Please tell me.
Answer: 8.3 is low eat more iron content diet like anar,beettruttu ,amla,vegitables,dates,etc..and consult a doctor and take injection or medicine
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Question: Hi my haemoglobin is 9.0 i am 6 week pregnant is it ok
Answer: In 6 week pregnancy 9 hb that's ok but is not good for next month so follow ur diet properly
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