19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant. My doctor suggested me anamoly scan at 26th week. Is that correct time to take anamoly scan? I mean correct week

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Answer: No dear, it is done between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy to make sure your baby's internal organs are growing well, to check fetal movements, and to check the level of amniotic fluid, checking cervix and certain abnormalities. It's one of the most important scan, you must done it. Hope it helped Take care urself..
Answer: Yes it's the right time.. it's generally done after 5 months of pregnancy.
Answer: it should be done on 20th week....ask ur sonographer...
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Question: Hello doc I am 18 weeks pregnant and my doctor suggested me to take fertigyn 5000 injection once in a week is it safe to that...
Answer: Yes dear, please follow your doctor prescription. It's help to support your pregnancy and avoid miscarriage and chances of preterm delivery. Take care of yourself.
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Question: It is correct time for me to take anomaly scan now i am 19 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi dear u now u can go for anomaly scan. It is usually performed between 18-23 weeks of pregnancy and ultrasound is the main diagnosis that is used to detect congenital abnormality and any down syndrome , it also helps to check the amonotic fluid level and baby proper growth of body parts and organ. It involves a detailed scanning and examination of the fetus for any abnormalities. It can be a 3-dimensional scan or 4 -dimensional and should be carried out in a high precision lab.All the best. 
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Question: My doctor suggested me to take anamoly scan at 22weeks?is it ok
Answer: Hi dear it's completely fine to take anomaly scan in 22 week of pregnancy but don't delay it any more, as it should be get done in between 18 weeks to 22 weeks of pregnancy.
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