40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am 39 weeks pregnant..my anomaly scan baby head dolichocephalic 72 ...enak kastama iruku en baby head sari aaguma...ipd irundha normal delivery aaguma

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Question: Hi i am 22 weeks pregnant. And in my anomaly scan plapcenta grade - 0 is normal ?
Answer: Hi! The grading is a terminology used in USG's the grade |, ||, ||| denotes how far you have come along in pregnancy. As you are 22 weeks its showing 0 but after sometime in your next USG you will get to see it as | so thats how its calculated, it basically shows how much ur placenta has worked so far.. Dont worry if there is any problem in your Pregnancy or report your Doctor will speak to you. Good luck!
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Question: I am 21 weeks pregnant..my anomaly scan says posterior placenta away from OS.Is that normal.
Answer: Hi dear, Yes it is absolutely normal.Posterior placenta is when the placenta is positioned at the behind wall of uterus.This is considered the best location for the baby to be in as it allows the baby to move into the anterior position just before it is born.as it doesn't block the birth canal and also it doesn't provide extra cushion to baby so you could feel the baby movements.
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Question: Enaku ithu vara pain illa innaiku en scan Edd date.... Pain injection pota normal delivery aaguma illa c section thaan a
Answer: Injection pota koncha neram agum delivery space aga Ilana c section tha
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