23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 23 weeks pregnant mera weight 65 kg tha aur abhi bhi 65 hi h koi problem to nhi h weight gain nhi ho rha

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Answer: Hello dear weight gain hona jaroori hai dear.. Aapke doctor ki salha lijiye.. Vo aapke baby ka weight and development dekhenge agar sab teekh hai to koi problem nahi.. Aur apne weight ko badhane ki koshish kijiye.. Drink plenty of water, include fresh home made juices, liquids such as coconut water and butter milk, fruits such as oranges, pomegranates, kiwi, watermelon, wet figs, strawberry, Blueberries, apples, banana etc.. Include all vegetables, oats, chapati, pasta, little amount of rice.. Most importantly go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important
Answer: Hello! Har pregnancy alag hota hain. Generally, pregnancy mein 10-15 kgs weight gain normal mana jata hain. Aur mother ka proper weight gain healthy sign mana jata hain. Ek baar doctor se jarur consult karein. Utna tension nehi hain, par jaruri hain doctor ek bar sahi se check kar lein.
Answer: Every pregnancy is different. Pregnancy weight changes from one pregnant mother to another. An ideal pregnancy weight gain includes 2 to 3 kg increase in the first 20 weeks then 0.5 kg every week till the baby is due, which comes to around 12 to 14 kg in total.
Answer: Apna waight nhi baby ka waight badhana chahiye , noproblem
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Question: Hello everyone i am 24 weeks pregnant mera weight gain nii ho rha or 2kg decrease ho gya h phle 65 kg tha and av 63 kg kya ye koi tnsn wali bt plzz someone answer me
Answer: Hi, It is nothing tone worries about but it is advised to eat well and try to maintain or hai weight.wegibt loss means that your food intake is not balanced with your energy use. The extra need for energy for baby also needs to be fulfilled. Try to eat frequently smaller meals and do some mild exercises like walking to keep yourself healthy. Also ask your doctor for information on baby's health and growth on your next visit
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Question: Hlo mera 5th month chal rha hai but mera weight gain nhi ho rha starting se abhi tak same weight hai koi problem to nhi plz reply....
Answer: Hello dear,  Sometimes women lose weight in the first trimester, then add pounds slowly over the next two trimesters. Also, your body uses more calories during pregnancy, so if you don't change your diet, you'll probably lose some weight, or not gain weight.  Eat a balanced and nutrition rich diet. Try to keep your diet as natural as possible with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also include whole grains, proteins and complex carbohydrates to your meals....Take your prenatal vitamins regularly. It compensates for any gaps in your nutrition intake and acts as a healthy supplement for your and your baby’s health.
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Question: Mera 6 mnth chl rha h mera weight 50 kg h koi problem to nhi h
Answer: Aapko apne BMI k accordingly apna weight progress check krna chahia, Waise toh 50kg seems less only. I can suggest you weight gain diet. Hope it will help If your health care provider wants you to gain weight while you're pregnant, try these tips: Eat five to six small meals every day.Keep quick, easy snacks on hand, such as nuts, raisins, cheese and crackers, dried fruit, and ice cream or yogurt.Spread peanut butter on toast, crackers, apples, bananas, or celery. One tablespoon of creamy peanut butter gives you about 100 calories and 7 grams of protein.Add nonfat powdered milk to mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, and hot cereal.Add extras to your meal, such as butter or margarine, cream cheese, gravy, sour cream, and cheese.
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Question: Mera weight gain ni ho rha abhi tak..evn or 1 kg kam ho gya h..
Answer: Get protien shake adviced by your doctor.. Nd have a routine blood check up
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