17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 16 weeks pregnant im working in bank my body is full of pain

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Answer: Beech beech m rest kar Liya karo.
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Question: I am working in a bank & 20 weeks pregnant....kuch din se meri back me left side pr bhut pain hota h ...pls suggest what to do??
Answer: Hello.. back pain is normal in pregnancy,it happens due to harmone changes, and loosening of pelvic muscles to prepare for child birth,you can follow these steps it may help.. Maintain a good posture to sit and split your body weight equally to thigh it will help alot You can massage your back with pain relieving ointment,and take warm bath Use maternity pillow behind your back,to sit ,it will relieve the pain Do maternity yoga ,those possess will relieve you from back pain
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Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant my one leg is full of pain what can i do
Answer: During pregnancy our body undergoes lot of changes and hormonal imbalances so it's normal just try some simple steps at home stretch ur calf muscles immediately by straightening ur leg, heel first and gently flexing your toes back towards your shins. This stretch might hurt first but it will ease and gradually make the pain go away. After stretch, massage the muscles with warm water bottle to relax the tissue. So this way u can help to ease the pain in legs.
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Question: I feel pain in my full body. I have back pain also. I am 19 weeks pregnant mother. Is it normal?
Answer: Sometimes baby weight drops on our back bone due to this the pain happens .its obvious getting body pains. With help of others take a light presurre for body message . It gives relief . Its quiet normal at pregnant.
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