32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant i have leg cramps at night and cant even sleep properly

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Answer: Leg cramps during pregnancy might be caused by fatigue, the uterus pressing on certain nerves, or decreased circulation in the legs from the pressure of the baby on blood vessels. They might also be caused by calcium or magnesium deficiency, or dehydration. Do calf stretches before bed to prevent the cramping. ... Straighten your leg and flex your foot when you get a cramp. ... Make sure you are drinking enough fluids during the day. If cleared by your doctor, get regular exercise, which can help reduce cramps.
Answer: Leg cramps is common during pregnancy . Drink plenty of water and try to keep your legs wrapped and warm during night. It is important to drink plenty of water to avoid cramps
Answer: Do stretching exercises and have plenty of water. Dipping legs in warm water with salt may also help... It relieved me a lot
Answer: Take ur husband help at night , its give relax
Answer: Drink plenty of water
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Question: 9 weeks pregnant and I have leg cramps only at night.... Is it normal?
Answer: Hello! Legs cramp is quite normal in pregnancy.its nothing to worry about..you can try these home remedies to overcome it #Stretching: It is important to stretch your muscles before your exercise and use them for long periods of time. However, stretching is also useful to help alleviate the cramp. #Massage: This is often the most used method to alleviate a cramp and reduce the pain associated with it. Massaging the cramping muscle and sometimes massaging neighboring muscles helps take away the cramp. #Add Heat: Heat can be applied to your cramping muscle using a heating pad, a microwaved heated cloth bag of rice, or some of the over-the-counter air-activated heating pads. #Epsom Salt: A warm bath can often alleviate the cramp and pain, but an Epsom salt bath is usually a little more effective. This helps you relax overall and it helps relieve the tension in your muscles. #Ice the Pain: You can wrap ice from the refrigerator or use an ice pack and apply to your cramping muscle. This cold often helps take away the pain associated with the cramping muscle. #Combination: Stretching and then massaging the muscle with either a heating pad or ice pack often work together to collectively stop the cramping and alleviate the pain.
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Question: I have severe leg cramps and cannot sleep at night due to these cramps.. please suggest Im 5 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi there, 1 Elevate your feet when resting, if possible. 2 Use a heating pad or gentle massage on the back of your thigh . 3 soak your legs in hot water. 4 Avoid standing for long hours . 5 Try taking a hot shower or bath 6 start low impact exercises like walk. 7 if these remedies do not work ask your doctor too add  calcium or magnesium supplements to you diet.
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Question: I'm 19 week pregnant.. Is leg cramps normal during this time. I cant sleep properly at night because of such leg cramps
Answer: Leg cramping is common in pregancy. What you can do is massage your legs with oil. Elevate then for 10 minutes when you are resting. And you may use a warm compress to sooth your legs. And avoid standing for too long
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