13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant. I had spotting two days ago. My doctor prescribed for duphaston 10 mg tablet twice for 15 days . Is this ok for my baby.

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Answer: Hi dear, Mild spotting is usually not an issue.duphaston is a progesterone suppliment.due to low progesterone supplement ,some ladies get bleeding and spotting,so supplimenting with progesterone would help stopping it.it is safe.
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Question: My doctor prescribed me duphaston tablets for 7 day( daily twice ).for what is this tablet??
Answer: Hello! Duphaston is a progesterone tablets which helps for the growth of the baby and lowers the risk of miscarriage . Take care
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant Doctor Prescribed me Dupaston 10 Mg tablet twice a day? Is it safe to take? Any one taking same tablet?
Answer: you can take this medicine blindly till whenever your doctor prescribes. do not miss tye dose
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Question: I m 12 weeks pregnant, doctor prescribed me duphaston twice a day for a month, is it safe? & Is there any problem if i not take duphaston
Answer: Agr ap duphaston khate ho to miscarrige hone ke chances nhi hote otherwises miscarrige ke bhut chances hote h
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