36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am 35 weeks pregnant i feel movements on both right and left side of stomach.is my baby in head down position or not i am worried

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Answer: When it is down u will feel movements near public area as if it is coming out. And ribs pain coz baby kicks ribs. The best way to know is usg but go for it only after ur gynaecologist has advised. 5% of baby go in head down position after 36 weeks or just before birth so contact gynaecologist for better
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Question: hello i am 37 weeks pregnant.i am feeling my belly has gone down.but i have movements on right and left side of stomach.what is it?is my baby in head down position or not,
Answer: Hi your doctor should be able to tell you the position of the baby through the scan the baby movements can be felt on the left side if you feel that the baby has dropped down there should not be a problem for normal delivery.
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Question: I feel my baby moves in both sides left and right side instead of up and down, I think baby is transverse how can I change baby's position??
Answer: Hello It's very normal to feel baby movements on both sides. But if u think that ur baby is in transverse position then u can visit your doctor and find the best way and exercise if the baby s position can change
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Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant, and my baby head in down position, after head down position, how many weeks baby takes for delivery?
Answer: Hi.. Once baby comes to cephalic position then babies head needs to be engaged for delivery once it is engaged you can expect labor in next 2 weeks... As you are just 35 weeks it may take atleast 2 weeks to engage
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