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Question: I am 25 weeks pregnant. I feel breathlessness most of the times. Is it okay to feel it??

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Answer: Hello dear... Dear in pregnancy, many women faces breathing difficulty,it happens due to harmonal changes,your growing baby pushes your uterus,against diaphragm,and breathing difficulty usually considered to be harmless in pregnancy... Precautions for breathing difficulty in pregnancy... Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet,avoid packed foods,oil fried item,pastries,opt for healthy snack option,this will control your weight gain,and also provide you to breath easy It is essential to drink two to three litres of water daily,avoid tea, coffee,cola,it will make you dehydrated,can include fresh juice,soup,buttermilk If you are Anemic, breathing difficulty may be higher,so it is essential to include iron rich foods like whole grain,cereals, fruits, veggies,nuts, dryfruits,meat,in your diet Maintaining good posture to sit or stand,will allow lungs to breath effectively,will reduce breathing difficulty You can try maternity yoga,there are few possess and breathing techniques like pranayama will help lot in breathing difficulty
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