22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 21 weeks pregnant. I can feel my baby movements now but I can feel it only on my left side. Is this normal to feel your baby movements only on one side.

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Answer: Baby is still very small so does not move the entire uterus.... its feet and hands are too small to reach on the other side... as the baby grows you will feel it all over
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Question: Usally people say if we sleep on left side we can feel baby movment but in my case I feel movements only if I sleep on my right side and it movements will be on left is anything to worry
Answer: I will not advise you to sleep on right side because sleeping on right side mein of obstruck blood flow to the baby so the movements may be a sign of fetal distress as well so I will advise you to sleep on left and to listen to your baby's movement you must do morning meditation please your both hands after warming them by rubbing them together you can please both the palms on your belly and try to connect with your baby you can do this four to five times in the entire day to help note the baby movements baby movements should be 20 times everyday if any day you feel that baby is not moving much then normal then I will advise you to take a non stress test which will help to identify baby movement and Heartbeat do not worry
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Question: Iam 35 weeks pregnant is it normal to feel baby movements only on one side
Answer: yeah it is absolutely normal as i have also felt it only on my left side.. this generally means that ur baby is lying in anterior position.. there is nothing to worry about :)
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Question: Whether to worry for. If I feel the movements of my baby only on one side left side .Am 35 weeks pregnant.
Answer: Hello! Nothing to worry. As long as you are having proper movements, it is absolutely normal. Take care
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