32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii I am 31 weeks pregnant.i am sufring from itching on whole body.specialy on Palm & leg .

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Answer: Itching is common during pregnancy dear. Itching Remedy - do your best not to scratch because it can irritate your skin further and increase the risk of skin infections. If you're itching because of dry, stretched skin, these simple measures can give you relief: 1.Apply ice or Put an ice pack or a cool, wet compress on itchy areas for five to 10 minutes, or until the itch fades. 2. take some coconut oil. warm it up and put some aloe vera pulp. After 5-10minutes apply it and after 1/2 an hour clean it. You can also store it an can apply whenever u want. 3. Moisturise.
Answer: Hello! This could be due to the secretion from liver. Please consult your doctor, she/her might suggest a liver function test, and accordingly prescribe you medicine.
Answer: Mean time drink plenty of water also.
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant.I am facing itching on my stomach and leg...it is ok or harmful to me and baby...How to reduce itching.
Answer: Hello dear... mild itching is common in pregnancy, due to blood supply to body, but if you have severe itching, it may due to obestic choletstatis, in this medical attention is needed, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Reduce your salt intake Drink more water Apply moisturizer Wear loose cloth You can use homemade bath powder, instead of soap
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Question: I am suffering from itching problem on my whole body.
Answer: Hello dear. The pregnancy hormones affect the liver's ability to transport certain chemicals, such as bile. Few of the remedies are: Take lukewarm showers and baths. Hot water can dry out your skin and make the itching worse. Stay cool. Avoid going out in the heat of the day because heat can make itching worse. Wear comfy clothing. Apply medicines before moisturizing. Take care.
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Question: Hii... I have completed 22 weeks, my whole body is itching, my palm is too much itching at night. Is it safe ?
Answer: hi dear! its itching as the liver enzymes are increased and due to increased liver enzymes there can be itching and therefore we prescribe tablet udiliv for the itching. but should be taken after consulting with your doctor. take care dear
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Question: Hii I'm 31 weeks pregnant I'm suffering from severe itching what I have to do
Answer: Hello dear... Mild itching is common in pregnancy,it happen due to blood supply to body,but if you have severe itching it may due to obestic cholestatis,in this condition medical attention is needed immediately, if you can try these remedies it may help you.. Apply moisturizer If you have itching,it is better to have bath twice day,and apply moisturizer or baby lotion is advisable Reduce the intake of salt If you have salt content in your body,it may also cause itching,so reduce intake of salt Wear loose clothes During pregnancy , don't wear heavy or tight clothes,it may also trigger itching,so it is better to opt for skin friendly fabric like cotton, chiffon. Drink more water Staying yourself hydrated,will help you to flush out toxins,so that it may help to reduce itching Coconut oil You can apply coconut oil before bath,and leave it for twenty minutes,and then wash,best remedy for itching Homemade bath powder To avoid itching,better to opt for herbal bath powder than chemical based soaps,will reduce itching If symptoms presist for longer period consult doctor
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