38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant..i am feeling stomach upset for past couple of days..i am passing stools atleast six times a day but still i feel my stomach uncomfortable..is this normal?

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Answer: Hello dear... Indigestion problem is a common problem that happens during pregnancy. Diet plays an important role in digestion process, so please follow below tips: 1. Eat at regular intervals 2. Eat atleast six small meals will help the digestive system ,and also helps hunger. 3. Eat fruits such as apple, guava which will Help in constipation problem. 4. Drink atleast 3 litres of water daily. 5. Avoid taking coffee if having indigestion becauae it contains caffeine.
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Question: Hi I am 33 weeks pregnant and having passing stools at least 2-3 Times a day from last 3 days..is it indication of delivery date approaching?
Answer: Hi dear, Loose motions during pregnancy is a woe but quite common.number of reasons that contributes loose motions during pregnancy are: 1-hormones. surge in hormones relaxes the digestive tract,so that baby could absorb the nutrients more.there by leading to either loose motion or constipation.along with it comes bloating and gastric issue too 2-dietary changes.as you become pregnant,you start to include excessive fruits and vegetables,which has lots of fibre.women who have no constipation,this could give a reverse reaction.also some increase the consumption of milk ,and there by become lactose intolerant and hence loose motion 3-neonatal vitamins.sime women get constipated while some get loose stools .try to skip them for few days to see any change 4-virus and bacterial infections.immunity drops during pregnancy to support the growing baby,thereby you invite viral and bacterial infection. You can drink plenty of water during the phase.try to adjust your diet according to your motions.lss fibre diet can resolve this matter too.take probiotics.curd or buttermilk are excellent source of probiotics that grows healthy gut bacteria and aid in digestion.Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: I am 36 weeks with my first and for the past couple of days I have been having soft stools (not diarrhea) 5 times a day- is that normal and to be expected at this later stage of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry. It is common during pregnancy. It happens due to gastric and also the pressure of the growing baby on the rectum. It is normal even I faced it, make sure that you are well hydrated. Take care
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Question: I am passing 4 to 5 times stools a day but not lose motion i am in 34 weeks is it normal or any remedies please suggest
Answer: Hi,it's normal as during this time due to the baby pushing down it creates more preassure on the bowel movement. You can however take yoghurt,and you can take peppermint and ginger honey paste one teaspoon.this will help too.
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