35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant .How to get rid of itching and become severe during night.

Answer: Hi.. Mild itching is common during pregnancy, it happens because of the increased blood supply to the skin. You can take an occasional warm oat meal bath. Apply fragrance free lotion.
Answer: Hi.. Mild itching is common due to the increased blood supply to skin. You can take an occasional warm oat meal bath, moisturize (slather on fragrance free lotion.
Answer: Apply calamine lotion and protect yourself from mosquito bites. The itiching will reduce
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Question: I am ten weeks pregnant.... I have severe cold... How to get rid of it
Answer: Hello dear. When you become pregnant, your immune system is likely to change. As a result of these changes, you may contract a cold or a cough at some point during your pregnancy. In addition, your illness may last longer. Place a humidifier in your room, keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips. You can take steam or even inhale eucalyptus which gives some relief. Take care.
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Question: How to get rid of itching during pregnancy???
Answer: Hello These rashes are quiet normal and are seen in alot of women. The rashes are called puppps as they start on ur tummy move up to ur breaste hands and legs this could get very itchy and some times cause blisters. You can take cool bath to calm the rash do not scratch as it will only make it worse try using a herbal lotion to soothe ur skin. Try the lotion on small patch of your skin as u want to find out of ur allergic to it or not. As u do not want to make it worse. Hope I helped
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Question: How to get rid of vaginal itching during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Dear! Vaginal itching could be yeast infection in vagina which is common in pregnancy, a lot of hormonal activity disrupts the PH balance of vagina. Yeast infection does not hurt the baby in the womb but if its not reported to the Doctor or untreated your baby may catch it in the mouth as thrush because the baby passes through the birth canal. You can discuss it with your doctor and can apply an antifungal cream to treat it. You need to drink a lot of water. Have yogurt as its a probiotic. Do not wash with soap or intimate wash. Wear light cotton panties and keep the area dry and clean.. Hope this helps!
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