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Question: I am 26 weeks pregnant.. From yesterday night I am having 102 degree fever. What should I do?? Will it cause any problems to my baby?

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Answer: Hi dear, Fever during pregnancy,though common but could be risky too.you must access the reason of fever first before taking medication.as one must not take any chance during pregnancy. Though dolo 650 is safe during pregnancy,but if it is not a viral fever,then this could pose potential health risk to baby.fever could be due to bacterial infections too.like chest congestion, diarrhea,typhoid ,dengue etc.please check with doctor soon.till then ,keep yourself well hydrated,and eat light.
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Question: Am 11 weeks pregnant. Always feeling no appetite. What should i do?. Is it cause any problems?
Answer: Hi dear, Low appetite is a common issue in first trimester.some women also have nausea and vomiting along with it.it is due surge in pregnancy hormones.try eating how much ever you can.wtever you eat,let it be healthy.eat in smaller portions but frequently.like instead of 3 large meals,have 6 smaller meals.drink plenty of water which increases metabolism and th n in tu n increase your appetite too.avoid any junk and sugary food,even if you crave for it.healthy diet is must in pregnancy.
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Question: I have fever 102 degree Celsius. Is it affect baby.
Answer: Hi. You can treat your fever by drinking plenty of water and resting. Stay in bed if you feel very unwell, but don't get too hot and sweaty under the duvet. It can be easy to overheat when you're pregnant, but it's not good for you or your baby. It doesn't affect your baby Just take rest and In case it doesn't go you could visit your doc who will give you one paracetamol
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Question: Should i massage my baby in fever..he is suffering from fever repeated every 6 hrs 102 degree F
Answer: May having pneumonia...not sure..try giving tulsi juice 1 🥄..its work on my baby after 2 attempt..give atleast 2 time for 2 days..its really work
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