16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am 15 weeks pregnant. from last 3-4 days i am noticing constipation and black stool..... why is it happening??.. is it because of hot weather or my montly medicine changed this month

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Answer: Black stool is oming from the medicine u having iron and calcium and for constipation ask ur doctor to give u a medicine
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    shilpa maheshwary625 days ago

    Yes this month i have been prescribed with calcium and folic acid medicine

Answer: Consumption of iron tablets and iron rich food may cause black stool
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Question: I am 25 weeks pregnant and i hv black stool, is it dangerous? And why this is happening ??
Answer: Hi dear...do not worry, its just happening as you are taking iron supplements.This is very normal in pregnancy
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Question: from last few days I am noticing heavy hairfall. Is it due to weather or after delivery it happens?
Answer: Hi. Its normal after delivery. As home remedy apply good oil in your hair whenever you going to wash your hair. Apply raw onion juice on your scalp also before shampooing. Eating raw onion also helps with hairfall. Add pulses, milk and other protein rich food into your diet.
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Question: Hi i am 15 weeks pregnant i am suffering from constipation since last 4 days plz suggest any home remedy.
Answer: Eat cucumber banana guva.. avoid taking oil foods take more fluids
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