32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii...I am 31 weeks pregnant , found plenty of epithelial cells in my urine which was tested yesterday,Dr. suggested to drink plenty of water .does any of u have faced same problem,

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Answer: hello dear Epithelial cells are cells that come from surfaces of your body, such as your skin, blood vessels, urinary tract, or organs. They serve as a barrier between the inside and outside of your body, and protect it from viruses. A small number of epithelial cells in your urine is normal. A large number may be a sign of infection, kidney disease.. the only solution for this is drink plenty of water and Drinking cranberry juice or eating cranberries may help lower the risk of developing UTIs. Cranberries contain a chemical that may guard against bacteria attaching to the lining of your bladder. keep your vaginal area clean and dry and dont hold your urine for longer time
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Question: My urine is tested and said that there is albumin positive and plenty of pus cells are visible. Is there any problem
Answer: Hello! Albumin is protein which is not a problem since you are pregnant and it is found in pregnant women. But pus cells means there might be a urinary tract infections. Please consult the doctor immediately and also make sure that you increase your fluids intake. Take care
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Question: hi.. I am 7weeks pregnant..I have plenty of pus cells found in my urine..how to get rid of it..
Answer: for pus cells d only solution is water.drink as much as water u can
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Question: My urine test report: plenty of E.P.cells,pus cells.pus cast and epithelial cast seen.. What does it mean any problem anyone pls replay
Answer: Hi,you have not mentioned the counts or levels of pus cells and epithelial cells ,so it is difficult to say weather there is any I section But since it is meant that pus cells and epithelial cells are seen this shows that there is some level of infection Do drink adequate liquids Maintain good hygeine This will help . Wash that area frequently Wipe always from front to back posituon Use only mild doaos And wear only cotton ugs.
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