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Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant doctor gave me betnesol injection for what purpose it is taken?

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Answer: Hello dear Betnesol injection is given in pregnancy if u are going to deliver a preterm baby to mature baby lungs. It is given 24 hrs prior to delivery. Yes dear, it is safe and given under doctor's guidance.
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Question: My dr.gave me Betnesol injection yesterday.iam 37 weeks pregnant. I read its not safe .is it?
Answer: Hello, Betnesol injection is given during pregnancy only if there is no alternative treatment for a prenatal complication. It is a high-risk treatment as it is known to cross the placenta and may affect the unborn child its given if you are having preterm labour if newborn baby’s lung is underdeveloped,  FFT (Foetal Fibronection Test): This is a condition wherein the fibroids obstruct the growth of the baby or may even cause miscarriage or preterm labour.  please reconfirm with doctor if you are not having any of these conditions. Hope this helps.
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Question: What is the purpose for putting betnesol injection?
Answer: Hi. Betnesol injection is given on following purpose. 1.As betnasol is given when babies lungs are still not developed till 35th weeks. Betnesol injection will help to produce surfactant in your baby’s lungs, enabling them to inflate without sticking together. 2. When you have fibroid then also you have been injected betnesol with other drugs. Good luck.
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Question: I am seven weeks pregnent doctor gave me maintaine injection. what is the purpose of the injection?
Answer: Hi...During first trimister itz neccesary to take those medicines and injections which can prevent miscarriages .Hence maintaine is very helpful during first trimister to prevent miscarriage .
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