12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 10 weeks pregnant day before yesterday saw some bleeding got ultrasound done everything was normal now today again have started bleeding a little. What could be the reason and what precautions to take??

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Answer: This could be due to pressure... Avoid long standing... And intercourse for 1st trimester do consult gyno
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Question: Hi today my 8th week of pregnancy started but day before yesterday while peeing I saw A little blood clot came off I was worried so again I rechecked for pregnancy it shows positive again today I saw A brown clot coming out now what I have to do. Is it dangerous this is first time pregnancy
Answer: You must consult to gynae if you have seen blood clots consecutive for two days. Although its no harm if it's you're first pregnancy and you are below 30yrs of age. But since you are due for the first scan I will advise a sonography next week or 10th week. Meanwhile, it will be beneficial to take a gynae manual checkup and if required she will advise a transvaginal ultrasound. Do not worry. Just note the frequency, colour, smell.
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Question: I'm 5 week 6 days pregnent. I saw little bleeding last week and next day my Doc did ultrasound and found everything fine. Today morning again saw little bleeding. Is it matter of concern and what may be the reason of bleeding???
Answer: Hello! Bleeding might be due to implantation of the embryo. But again sometime it is early sign of miscarriage also. Hence, when ever you come across bleeding make sure you consult the doctor and inform about the bleeding. Take care
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Question: My daughter is 21days old.. suddenly since yesterday she is puking alot.. today during the day she was fine but she started puking again by evening.. what could be the reason and what should i be doing???
Answer: Don't worry baby stomach is small jab wo jyda milk le leta hai to puke Kr Deta hai or 1 aur reason bhi ho skta h usko thand lag gyi ho then I suggest give 1 small (lil) drop of honey and that honey should be pure
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