7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant, can I have apple cider vinegar with warm water in the morning? Does it affect my pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi dear yes you can have apple cider vinegar it will not affect your pregnancy but please ensure that you buy the mother apple cider vinegar it means the word mother will be a written on the bottle.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i have apple cider vinegar in the morning with warm water
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have . I took it all along my pregnancy and it was so good to keep my digestion. Good as well reduce my morning sickness.
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Question: Can i take american garden apple cider vinegar with honey in the morning with warm water and is it safe? Im 5 w and 4 days pregnancy.
Answer: Dear as far as I know apple cider vinegar can be taken for certain home remdies like acidity, cough however whether it is safe to be consumed on daily basis that has to be confirmed by ur gynae. As too much of anything is not good and taking it daily would be too much. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is taking water with apple cider vinegar as first drink in the morning during pregnancy useful?
Answer: Hello.. Though the safety of apple cider vinegar is unproven, many pregnant women still use it as a remedy for many things...there is no harm in having It.. But, you should take an approval from your gynaecologist.. Because she is aware of your entire case history..
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