12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 10 weeks pregnant, but ultrasound shows only 6 weeks, Doctor said me to terminate the pregnancy, I have PCOD, I am getting pregnant after 3 years, I worried, can I pregnant after terminate this pregnancy, and can I have same problem on that time..... Plz tell me

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Answer: hi, may be the doctor has asked you to terminate because the feteus is not growing properly. But before taking the big decision, please consult another doctor too.
Answer: plz take second opinion bcoz of pcod y doc told to terminate... if baby is growing normally
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Question: Hi I am trying since 2 years after that also I am not getting pregent. I have 1 kid he is 10 years old plz suggest me.
Answer: Dear if it has been 2 years then please consult a gynae and get the required test done. It is important to understand what is not letting you get pregnant. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello Moms I am 23 weeks pregnant, my doctor said for Biomatery Ultrasound. Can anyone tell me why this ultrasound need and which month it can be done.
Answer: Hello, FearvFetal biometry ultrasound measures your baby's size. During an ultrasound, your doctor measures the baby's head, body, and thigh bone. It helps show your baby's development. It can be done anytime from 2nd trimester because that is the time when baby has grown all the vital parts and can it is easy to detect any abnormalities in the fetus. Don't worry it is just like any other ultrasound during pregnancy.. TC
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Question: Hi.. I am 10 weeks pregnant.. I am getting white discharge heavily.. is that any problem.. pls tell me.. I am worried..
Answer: White discharge is common in pregnancy. Even the same thing happened to me in 10 weeks. I checked with my gyn it's not a problem and told me to keep it dry
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