23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii i am 23 weeks pregnant... But still my stomach is too small... I am worried about it pls suggest me is it normal??

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Answer: Hello, This may make your bump appear smaller, even if your baby is the right size. The position your baby's lying in, and your own height, shape and tummy muscles can all affect the measurement too. Babies also grow at slightly different rates. Your baby may appear small for a while and then have a growth spurt.
Answer: It's normal. Baby's weight and size is not depend upon stomach size.
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Question: Hello, Am 23 weeks pregnant , my baby bump is very small , am worried , is it normal ?
Answer: Hi dear, from six months of pregnancy gradually your baby bump will start growing and from 7 months it will be clearly and visible and anyone can understand did your pregnancy tummy. So don't worry for now just maintain healthy and nutritious diet and if so don't worry for now just maintain a healthy and nutritious diet and if USG report shows normal growth of you baby then nothing to worry about....
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Question: My stomach is too small i am 8 month pregnant i am worried what to do
Answer: Hi if ur regularly visiting Dr n everything was fine so far n ur reports were normal then y ru worried now during pregnancy don't think too much about unnecessary topics this will affect, smile n be happy
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Question: My stomach is still small, am 19 weeks pregnant, am so worried about it
Answer: No problem it depend on your body structure also .. and baby wait gain starts in 7 when baby take nutrition ..
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