19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant but still cannot feel any movement of my baby...Is there anything wrong?

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Answer: Movemnt feel 5th to 6th mnth se strt hoti hai. So dnt worry if dis is ur 4 it tks sme tym.. Be happy..
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant but still I cannot feel any baby movements
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry ,you can feel your baby movements between 16-25weeks.if it is your first pregnanacy you may not feel until 25weeks ,take care😊
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Question: Hi i am 18 weeks pregnant. Still i dont feel any movement of my baby. Why?
Answer:  You will feel your baby moments when you reach 16 to 25 weeks of pregnancy. But if it your first pregnancy it will late after 25 weeks. If it's  your second pregnancy most of the women feel as early as 13 weeks of pregnancy.It's normal dear.. Certain favctor responsible for not having baby movements yet. Mainly a placenta that is on anterior surface of the uterus, in first pregnancy movements will start little late and baby position dear.. So wait for some more weeks you will have baby movements.. Take care dear. Consult doctor if you have any doubts.
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Question: I'm pregnant for 18 weeks but still I cannot feel my baby movement.. I am very much worried about it.. Is that I have any problem..
Answer: Usually baby movement will be prominent after 25 weeks. Before that you may or may not feel the fluttering and vibration of the baby. It's important to notice the movement specifically only after 30th week when Baby's big enough to get less space in moving around. So far no need to worry. If you insist, you can ask your doctor to check for heartbeat and movements using an ultrasound scan
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