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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant.. but i can not feel any movement of baby...

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Answer: Hello You can feel ur baby move by 18 or 20 th week of ur pregnancy. You may feel something called quickening it's a fluttery movement in ur belly like a little butterfly it is same as kicking just the early kicks are called quickening. They are feeble as ur baby is too little to feel.
Answer: You will definitely start to feel strong movements by the end of 25th week. In two more weeks you will be able to feel slight fluttering.
Answer: You will start to feel your baby movement 6 months onwards. Don't worry.
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant but I could not feel any baby movement.. I am worried..
Answer: Ideally pregnant ladies start feeling around 19-24 weeks. But if it's your first pregnancy than you might feel bit later. According to the baby growth initially the movements are not that intense and you feel occasionally. Those gentle fluttering feelings in your tummy (quickening) are your baby's movements. But if you had a baby before than you might feel as early around 13-16 weeks. But if you didn't feel till 24 weeks do check with your doctor. She will check baby heartbeat.
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Question: Hi i am 18 weeks pregnant. Still i dont feel any movement of my baby. Why?
Answer:  You will feel your baby moments when you reach 16 to 25 weeks of pregnancy. But if it your first pregnancy it will late after 25 weeks. If it's  your second pregnancy most of the women feel as early as 13 weeks of pregnancy.It's normal dear.. Certain favctor responsible for not having baby movements yet. Mainly a placenta that is on anterior surface of the uterus, in first pregnancy movements will start little late and baby position dear.. So wait for some more weeks you will have baby movements.. Take care dear. Consult doctor if you have any doubts.
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Question: Now i am 18 weeks pregnant but still i not feel the movement of baby...
Answer: Hello... Dear usuallyfetal movements start from 15-25weeks,but in case of first pregnancy,you will start noticing close to 26 week only,so it is perfectly normal, don't get worried, fetal movement may be like butterfly click, twittering,swigg or roll
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