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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant and today my first ultrasound has been done they told me that i am having low lying placenta...is this a reason of concern??

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Answer: Yes dear, low lying placenta can move up during the course of pregnancy. You must avoid intercourse and report any case of bleeding to your doctor. In a rare case that placenta does not move up also,  chances of anything bad happening to the baby or mother is very less. Avoid jerky ride, heavy lifting and heavy work. If it moves up then no caesarean but if stays down then chances of caesarean are there. Don't worry so much just now. This time will only tell.
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    Rumneet Kaur Kohli904 days ago

    Thanks mam

Answer: Hi dear.. Congratulations .. Mine also have d same prblm.. don't wry.. the placenta position may changed along with d baby growth.. u need to be careful while travelling, sitting on d floor and don't lift d weights in bending position.. if u find any spotting consult ur doctor immediately..
Answer: S u hv to b careful. Avoid traveling
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant and had bleeding today, doctor told that low lying placenta could the cause. Pl tell what to do
Answer: Take bed rest completely because I have also face this same issue now I feel good and please goto your doctor they advice injecction also
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Question: I am 26 weeks pregnant now my doctor has told me i am having low lying placenta
Answer: Hi! Usually the position of placenta is either at side or top if the placenta is attached at the back side of the uterus is posterior placenta, incase of low lying placenta it is attached at a lower end to the uterus, there are some difficulties as it may cover the cervix which can be a problem in vaginal birth , but it can move up later along with the uterus.. Please do as the Doctor say, dont worry much,do not walk fast, lot of bed rest, dont squat, dont lift heavy weight, avoid bumpy road, no intercourse, have fibrous food avoid constipation, Good luck & hope this helps!
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me that i have low lying placenta near the opening. Is it the matter of worry?
Answer: Hi dear, Am sorry to hear about this news.but dear r lax and donot panic.though this is not that common but placenta prevea in second trimester can fix itself till you deliver.but you need to observe for any kind of bleeding.do inform your doctor immediately about any bleeding. Most of the women with this complication would undergo c- section .keep monitoring the placement of placenta in your follow up scans.please do not lift heavy objects. Take plenty of rest. And be positive.
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