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Question: Hii, I am 27 weeks pregnant and my doc told me that my baby is breech. What should I do take correct my baby's position.

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Answer: Hi. Its not in our hand dear to bring baby in head down position. Baby come in head down position on there own by 32-37 weeks if they dont take the position by this phase there are very low chance that baby would change position after that. In metro cities some expert doctors opt for EVC (external cephalic version) to make babies position correct. Its a manual process to turn babies head down which has risks so only expert doctors handle it with lot of monitoring. Good luck.
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Question: Hii... M 32 week pregnant and my baby's having in breech position. What should I do ?
Answer: Chances of spontaneous reversion to cephalic are there as it is only 32 weeks. But if during 37 or 38 weeks, baby is in breech, then your doctor might ask you for c section Extra care to be taken from consultant side during surgery. As such no precautions from mother side other than regular and timed follow up. All the best.
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Question: I am 27 weeks pregnant by baby position is breech, through with excersie i can change my baby's position
Answer: Have black raisin 6-7 peice daily in the morning before breakfast, right after waking up.
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Question: I am 27 weeks pregnant.. my doctor told that baby is in breech position.. is it possible to deliver normally ?? What are the complications in the process ??
Answer: Hi. Why to worry from now. Baby comes in cephalic position somewhere from 32 weeks to 36 weeks. In 27 weeks baby has plenty of space to move so dont worry if naby would not be ceplalic by 36 weeks then only c-section would be done.
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